Dienstag, 13. November 2007

Umzug geplant. Helfer gesucht./Want to move. Need help.

No. This is not about carrying heavy boxes full of books down three Berlin Altbau Geschosse, and then up again to the fifth floor.
This is me being annoyed by a way to long blog-adress. So I thought I get my own domain and move the blog there, using blogger.com for hosting.
Good idea, I thought. Info on how-to is actually posted on the help pages. Can't go wrong, I thought, simple affair, even for a stupid non-user like me.

Except that the help on the help pages does not apply to Germans/Germany. While I never suspected latent racism the custom support at my domain (1und1.de) tells me: "Things are different from 1&1.com", followed up by a load of IT-gibberish. What he did NOT tell me was the answer to my question.
Anybody out there who can help?

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