Samstag, 17. November 2007

Mars außer Rand und Band.

Neues aus Polen:
"Stop, look and listen! As indicated at the close of yesterday's cosmic forecast, Mars stops and begins a 77-day retrograde cycle at 12:26AM PST (energizing 13 degrees of Cancer). Just three minutes earlier, Venus makes a frictional 45-degree link to Juno - increasing the potential for emotional storminess and relationship challenges. [Mars remains in reverse until January 30, 2008 when it will make a direct station and go forward at 25 degrees of Gemini.] All Mars themes - passion and desire, leadership andcourage, vitality and energy, muscular strength andthe blood stream, sports and exercise, martial arts,devotion and dedication, zeal and fanaticism,impulsive actions, volatility and anger - are activated now and over the next few days. Engaging in fiery debates and spewing inflammatory rhetoric at unsuspecting partners will probably boomerang with nasty results. Adding to the strange vibrations of the day is a long void lunar cycle that starts at 1:20AMPST and concludes at 3:31PM PST when the Moon switches gears from pragmatic Capricorn to service-oriented Aquarius. Finish old business during the 14 hour voidtime-period. Don't launch new ventures until the Moon enters airy Aquarius. However, even though 3:31PM PST brings a new lunar energy-field for the next two days, the Mars station dominates the psychic landscape. Arm-twisting maneuvers and blatant attempts to make others do your bidding are bush league. Group projects and advanced studies in science, medicine and high technology can keep you out of trouble."

Aha. gut dass ich den Samstag allein am Schreibtisch verbringen werde! Da kann ja nichts passieren.

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