Freitag, 9. März 2007

precious blogging advice

As most of you know - or can see by my archive - I am rather new to blogging.
Everything started last fall when I spent some time abroad and got myself a blog to keep folks at home up to date. But it really started the very hungover day after Thanksgiving, when sitting upright, walking around or eating solid foods did not seem a good way to spend the day. Youtubing and reading blogs on the other hand - and then it happened. I got a first glimpse of the bloggosphere and WEB 2.0. I wanted that too!
It took a while though, because I had not really grasped the most important issues. I had the feeling that a good blogname was crucial, a name that kept a balance of anonymity - so as to not embarass or expose your friends - and familiarity - so as to give a hint of a real person behind the blog. Having a topic other than just random thoughts would be nice too. And probably I should one day make up my mind about language, too...
Anyway, today's blog is in English, because delicious:days, the faboulous foodbloggers from Munich, post in English. And their latest post is a 15-points-list on good (food-)blogging (adaptable as required). There is some good advice there, and the overall insights are thus:
1. work on blog-life-balance.
If I had written as much on my dissertation lately as I have for my blog, I might even finish this year. Although I doubt that. And there was this incredible outburst of things to be said in the beginning, even though I am still not sure about name, host, topic or language. I think that'll evolve though. But I will try not to post three items per day in the future.
2. learn some more on technology.
Not that I want to turn into a programmer. But I am naturally curious, and I really really have no idea what "RSS" stands for.
3. They have fantastic recipes!
Yummie. (Which brings me to 4. WeightWatching really really sucks.)

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